It’s important to note that my services are not for everyone. I specialize in transforming relationships and I mentor people who are serious about wanting to create a different type of divorce and who need someone to guide them go through their personal journey.

Relationship: How to transform from marriage to Team Parent

Boundaries: Create healthy boundaries

Communication: Learn to communicate in a supportive and non aggressive way

Family: Learn to redefine your family and how to grow it with a strong foundation

Triggers: Define what is triggering you and how to respond rather than re-act

Accountability: Time to see what is your role in the events that fills your life


Sliding scale. Depending on your situation and what type of guidance you may need. We would define this together.


‘Great conversation, my mind is filled with interesting thoughts. I could feel your passion.’

Amanda M. Lansing, MI.

‘You have a super positive attitude. I feel uplifted and inspired. Especially toward my ex, which is just what I needed because my feelings had been darkening lately. Thank you!’

Dana P. Boulder, CO.

‘Sandrine always has ways of quickly getting to the bottom of the matter and providing the self-insight and self-motivation, in a gentle way, that leads to excellence.’

Robert MK. Santa Cruz, CA.