Divorce Preparation Program May



Hey Ladies,

Do you find yourself asking these questions over and over again?

How do I tell him I want a divorce?
How do I tell the children?
How am I going to make it on my own?
Where will we live?
Am I doing the right thing?

There is so much fear, uncertainty, and unknowing right now, so many of you are trying to do the RIGHT THING for your children, your family, and yourself.

THE RIGHT WAY, the way that is going to keep you and your children safe from the havoc, to create a life where you can be happy again, and have a peaceful relationship with their dad.

And I have a lot to say about that, because I have gone through this. Thinking about THE RIGHT WAY to handle this. The right way to approach this. The right way to divorce so you don’t fall apart and can create a good life for yourself and your kids.

I want to teach you how to prepare for a divorce that will give you the life that you want without the destruction that most divorces bring.

I am offering a 6 week program that will teach you all the steps to divorce well and build a new life where you and your children can be safe and happy.

During this 6 week program we are going to address:

  1. Creating the vision of the future
  2. Getting ready for the divorce process
  3. How to have all the difficult conversations
  4. Going through the emotional Roller Coaster
  5. Ending a married relationship and transitioning into a co-parenting team
  6. Rediscovering yourself

The more you know what you are going into and prepared for it, the better your outcome will be.

I cannot wait to talk to you about all of this!

Sending love and courage,


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Details about this 6 week program:

  • Weekly group coaching calls on Zoom. This is where I teach you the tools and where you get to ask me anything that you need help with, I’m here to support and guide you. Each call will be recorded for you to access anytime.
  • A private Facebook community just for this program, with access to me for 6 weeks. Through the duration of this program, we’re together in a tight knit private community. I check in on you every single day and you can ask me questions, reach out for support, get help, vent, talk through your mindset. I’m here for you.


When you know what you have to do, how to handle it, you make calm decisions that are well thought out.

Anxiety comes from not knowing what’s coming ahead.


Know what you have to know to make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your future.

WE START MONDAY, May 11th, 2020

A one-time payment of $297

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