One on One session with Sandrine and the couple:

Step 1: The Commitment

The Process:

    Together with Sandrine, the couple will:
  • Create and commit to a vision of the future, as parents, as partners in their family, and toward each other.
  • Identify the triggers that cause breakdowns and how to deal with them.

Why get a commitment before starting your divorce?

  • It helps you focus on what matters the most: your children.
  • It reduces the amount of negativity and fights.
  • You learn to work together.
  • You create a new relationship with your co-parent.
  • You create the vision for your divorced life.
  • You spend less money on the divorce.

Subsequent steps will be outlined by Sandrine for your specific needs.



$250 per session (2 - 2.5 hours) in office.

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Teach the Coaches

Sandrine also trains Divorce Coaches the Beautiful Divorce™ Way. Each step is built toward creating a Beautiful Divorce based off the book "A Family No Matter What".

Step 1 - The Commitment

The coach learns to bring the couple to a common vision, and having them commit to it.

Step 2 - Identifying the cycles

The coach learns to identify the relationship cycle of the couple, break it, and construct a new cycle based on co-parenting a divorced family.

Step 3 - Communication

The coach learns to teach the couple to communicate in a health way, to be respectful toward the family, the children, and toward each other.

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Or call: 303-900-8287

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Topics we are going through:

Relationship: How to transform from marriage to Team Parent

Boundaries: Create healthy boundaries

Communication: Learn to communicate in a supportive and non aggressive way

Family: Learn to redefine your family and how to grow it with a strong foundation

Triggers: Define what is triggering you and how to respond rather than re-act

Accountability: Time to see what is your role in the events that fills your life