You Really Can Create a Beautiful Divorce

‘If this transformation in attitude were to become the new normal, in one generation hate could virtually disappear.’

Sandrine Perradin

“Half of all marriages end in divorce, and most are fueled by hatred and blame with children caught in the middle. I feel strongly that it doesn’t have to be this way, and I know we can change the status quo.

A divorce does not have to ruin lives. Instead, divorce can be a once-in-a-lifetime parenting opportunity … one that teaches children respect, acceptance, and joyful love.

It can also be a chance for parents to learn how to navigate challenges and build a positive future that honors your desires and opens you up to the life you deserve.

I know this from personal experience.

I was married for 16 years to my ex-husband David, and together we have three beautiful children. When David and I knew we were on a path to divorce, we had a choice to make.

We could drag everyone through a destructive and hurtful process –the “typical” divorce. Or, we could shape a divorce in which we cared for one another, raised our children, and maintained a supportive parenting relationship.

I’ll admit, it was probably the scariest time of my life. I didn’t know exactly what would happen next. I knew my marriage to David had to end, but I also knew we had to transform our relationship to maintain a strong foundation for our children.

From this positive mindset came my determination to create a Beautiful Divorce. For the past two years I’ve been dedicated to creating a Beautiful Divorce through strong choices, accountability and commitment.

It hasn’t always been easy. In fact, at times it’s been frustrating and difficult. However, divorce is a process, and I was determined to make the process as positive and peaceful as I could.

Because after all, when you have children with your spouse …you are bonded for life.

Through all of this, I have learned to trust my ex-husband as a friend and a father to our children. I have learned to be grateful and allow gratitude to fill my heart in a way that I have never experienced before.

I have learned that even if my marriage is over, my family is not …and by focusing on maintaining a Beautiful Divorce, I am able to set a positive example for my children.

As a divorced family, we are still able to share special moments together. David is happy. I am happy. Our children are happy – and we are one team. One family.

media interviews, and my book, A Family No Matter What, I am delighted to share my insights and wisdom with others, so they can fully consider the different paths they can choose before they make any permanent decisions about their future with their spouse.

If that path should be divorce, know that with commitment and determination, you really can create a Beautiful Divorce.

And, if this transformation in attitude were to become the new normal, in one generation hate could virtually disappear.”


Sandrine Perradin – Professional Background

Sandrine Perradin, also known as The Beautiful Divorce™ Lady, is a highly trained Ontological Coach who guides people into transformation. Ontological coaching is proven to create effective and lasting change because it is based on the understanding of language, moods and conversations.

This deep and practical expertise around human patterns is especially effective for creating behavioral and cultural shifts. With Perradin’s help, you can construct a new relationship with your former spouse and move into a life of joy, satisfaction and advanced wisdom.

Sandrine Perradin practices her own Beautiful Divorce™, along with her three children and ex-husband, in Louisville, Colorado.

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