Ex’s new partner

I have been wanting to talk a little about my ex-husband’s new partner. There is so
much to say, and I will little by little. I started to write (and realized I would share those stories another time).
Bottom line: She loves my kids and my kids love her. One thing I want the most in my kids life is to be loved and for them to know how to love. So who would I be to make them feel bad to love and be loved by the woman who is now with my ex-husband? This is what keeps me going. Yes, it is difficult at times (really, really difficult sometimes), but when I see the joy of my kids when they talk about her, it is all worth it. It is not about me.
Very quickly I have realized that their love toward me is not going to change because someone else loves them. Just like my love for my first child did not change when I had another child. There is not a fixed amount of love to be shared. We have an infinite amount. My torch is the happiness of my children, and if I have to put my feelings, insecurities, and fears on the side so they can be happy, so be it. At the end of the day, I am the winner too. My kids are loved and are not afraid to love, and the same is happening to me. Didn’t Gandhi say: Be the change you wish to see in the world?