Time itself is not important. It is what you do with it that matters.
I decided to take all the time I needed to figure out who I was. Last time I was on my own was in my late twenties, and I sure have changed since then. Now, I want to know who I am, what I like, what I want. Did I like this for me, or did I like it because of my then husband? I went through the first few months re-acquainting myself with myself. It sure has been a discovery and I have surprised myself.
I took this time to understand what went wrong in my marriage. What my part was in all of that, and what I could do to change. It was about taking a good look at my doings and my being. It has been a time of change, a time of transformation.
It also has been a time to re-acquaint myself with my children. I am taking the time to build a solid foundation with them. I want them to feel secure, safe, loved, and for that, I want to give my 100% to them.
I do see myself in another relationship at some point. And I want one that works. Right now, I am taking this time to understand and clarify what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like (for me). It is no easy task wink emoticon
So, to answer simply: I got into a relationship with myself and my kids right away. As for mister right? He will have to wait until there is space for him.
Right now, it’s just me and my kids.