For people who want to have a respectful divorce and new relationship with their ex, it is very hard to find the motivation and inspiration to do so. Everything around us is telling us to do the exact opposite. TV shows and movies are all about cleaning him dry, taking all of his money, getting the bitch back, and so on. Judges and lawyers don’t help much either in inspiring us to get along. And as far as family and friends, well, while they have the best intentions, they just don’t know how to express it.

Not everyone wants revenge. Not everyone wishes ill of the other. Not everyone wants to take the other to the cleaner. Not everyone wants to make the other pay.

Some of us want an opportunity to grow in a positive way from the divorce. Some of us want to see the other succeed in being a good parent. Some of us understand we are a family forever. Some of us want to spend holidays together. Some of us speak highly of the other. Some of us want to see the good in each. Some of us support each other to become better people.

Beautiful Divorce is about uniting all of us who believe that Divorce can be the catalyst of a great life for ourselves, and our kids. Support is what helps us go through tough times and not lose vision. Support gives us the motivation to keep believing and being in action.

No one can do it alone. It helps when we surround ourselves with people who believes like we do.