The Painful Truth About Divorce

About fifty percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. That’s one every 36 seconds according to some reports. And the rate climbs higher for subsequent unions.

The honest truth is … EVERY divorce hurts.

It might get ugly.

It’s always painful.

And many times we blame each other for what went wrong.

‘Divorce is probably as painful as death.’

— William Shatner

And while it won’t be easy, there is a way to stop surviving and start thriving. Because the end of a marriage really can become a unique opportunity.

In her moving memoir, A Family No Matter What, Ontological Coach, Sandrine Perradin, takes you through her own inspiring and emotional journey that led to healing, acceptance, and life anew.

“A Family No Matter What” Available Now on Amazon

How One Mother’s Love Healed A Family

The best way to learn life’s most enduring lessons is through the stories of those who are willing to share experiences similar to our own. This is the power within, A Family No Matter What.

After years of counseling, reading books, and personal therapy, Sandrine Perradin knew in her heart she could no longer continue with her marriage.

She knew the frequent fighting between her and husband affected their three children. She was exhausted by the struggle and wanted out. She wanted to be happy again.

However, she had no idea how hard it could be to take a peaceful approach to ending her 16-year union. Because the $50 billion-a-year divorce industry only seeks to further the fight.

“The first step in any divorce is to meet with an attorney,” says Perradin.
“And they want you to start a war.”

But Sandrine wanted her divorce to be different. She wanted it to be healthy, and she wanted to set a positive example for her children …and for other couples considering divorce.

Although she was under the strain that comes with the turmoil of divorce, Sandrine was determined to construct a positive new life. She felt strongly that to live a beautiful life, she needed a Beautiful Divorce™.

Sandrine knew that having an angry ex-husband would not lead to happiness. And she wanted her children to still know that they had a strong, united family, where mom and dad would always be there for them.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings…”

— Lao Tzu

“A Family No Matter What” Available Now on Amazon

An Inspiring New Approach

Sandrine Perradin committed to a fresh perspective. She decided to make her divorce a once-in-a-lifetime parenting opportunity … one that would teach her children respect, acceptance, and joyful love.

“Children don’t learn with words,” says Perradin. “They learn by watching you. And you have to ask yourself, who am I being for my kids? You must be the person you want your children to become.”

These simple shifts in perspective can bring big results.

In A Family No Matter What, Sandrine demonstrates through her own moving story that you can choose to create a new co-parenting relationship that puts you and your children first.

She calls it her Beautiful Divorce™, and she believes those who model her approach can help set an example by which our children learn to accept and respect the person they want to hate the most.

If this transformation in attitude were to become the “new normal,” in one generation
…hate could virtually disappear.

“A Family No Matter What” Available Now on Amazon

Follow the Path to a Beautiful Divorce™

You may think it’s not possible to maintain a healthy relationship with your former spouse. But based on her own life and experience helping others, Sandrine Perradin disagrees.

Because moving on and building a beautiful life for your family is…

  • Not about forgiveness…
  • Or forgetting your pain…
  • Or even liking your ex-spouse

Instead, you will learn to navigate your challenges and build a positive future that honors your desires and opens you up to the life you deserve.

It all starts with one simple question…

“Will it take me to my beautiful life?”

Every action, every word, every emotion when evaluated against this simple question can transform you. A Family No Matter What illustrates Sandrine’s transformation and her determination to…

  • Graciously maneuver the treacherous waters of divorce
  • Create a healthy and peaceful co-parenting structure
  • Grow a strong united divorced family where everyone can thrive
  • Raise happy, confident, and secure children

No matter what, there will still be struggles. There will be sadness and joy and rage, sometimes all in the same day. But by continually questioning yourself and creating a vision for your future, you will achieve a life that is rich and fulfilling.

Through this moving personal memoir, you’ll learn to set healthy boundaries that benefit you and your children, while creating a successful relationship with your ex …so your family can always be a family.

“A Family No Matter What” Available Now on Amazon

If you’re married with children and have even just considered divorce, this is a book you absolutely must read before you make any permanent decisions.

“Sandrine always has ways of quickly getting to the bottom of the matter and providing the self-insight and self-motivation, in a gentle way, that leads to excellence.”

Robert MK, Santa Cruz, California

“A Family No Matter What” Available Now on Amazon


Sandrine Perradin, also known as The Beautiful Divorce™ Lady, is a highly trained Ontological Coach who guides people into transformation. Ontological coaching is proven to create effective and lasting change because it is based on the understanding of language, moods and conversations. This deep and practical expertise around human patterns is especially effective for creating behavioral and cultural shifts. With Perradin’s help, you can construct a new relationship with your former spouse and move into a life of joy, satisfaction and advanced wisdom. Perradin practices her own Beautiful Divorce™, along with her three children and ex-husband, in Louisville, Colorado.