It Works!

A few feedback I got:

“I am right there with you! Hard work at first but SOOOO worth the effort.”

“We are better friends and Co-parenters now than we ever were when we were married. We get many people saying that our relationship is just weird because we help each other. But I am grateful for the we are now.”

“This is an amazing perspective and my son’s Dad and I are working hard on getting to the point of having a ‘beautiful divorce’ for the sake of our son and each other.”

“Sharing makes a difference. It does give a new perspective and helps people get into action.
Thank you for your support!!”

“Every time I communicate with my ex, now I take time to think without rushing into a nasty reply and say to myself….be nice! It’s working, and he’s being nicer in return so the kids are benefiting hugely. Life is much easier this way for everyone involved”

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