So much communication is now done through texting. Communication is already challenging but now we are taking it to whole new different level. Texting: This is a brand new world for me. I don’t understand it. My kids make fun of me because I am writing real sentences; some people think that I text too much because I reply thank you and smiley faces, and some people just do not reply at all.

Texting is a wonderful tool to get fast information, but it also has a dark side. Most of us, starting new relationship, rely on texting. It can be fun, and it can be extremely frustratring. Have you ever had a conversation (or so you thought it was), to only suddenly have a dead end: No answer back. Texting allows people to hind behind a screen and behave rudely, hoping that the silence will take care of everything. Or maybe the silence means that they are busy, or that they really don’t have the time to get back to me. But how would I know when most people just don’t communicate properly?

We usually know fairly quickly if we still want to be in contact with someone or not. If not, then let’s do ourselves a favor… Let’s call it off, let’s let them know, so we can close this door to open another one to someone else.

We all have the same amount of time, of energy, of doors. Let’s make sure we use them wisely and let’s become courageous and courteous. That only makes us better people.