Learn How to be Divorced

“Either run back to each other or learn how to be divorced”.

This is what I received a few weeks ago in my mail box: “Either run back to each other or learn how to be divorced”. What does this mean?
Why can’t we truly believe that we can have a divorce and still want the best for each other?
Why are people so eager to make my beautiful divorce something other than what it is?

The typical divorce is a hate toward each other, anger for years to come, wishing ill of the other, blaming, putting the kids in the middle, making sure the other is miserable, and the list goes on.

My divorce has become the healthiest relationship I have ever had in my life so far: Liking each other, caring, supporting each other, working as a team to raise our children, looking for the best solutions together, and a very healthy communication.

Does it mean that I want to run back to him as his wife? No. We tried for 17 years.

So here is my answer: We didn’t know how to be married, but we sure know how to be divorced !!

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